1515 Prudential Dr., Jacksonville, Florida 32207

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Welcome to Rockville Festival

Welcome to Rockville Festival

Florida’s BIGGEST ROCK EXPERIENCE IS HERE! The ‘Welcome to Rockville’ Festival is a monster, three-day festival that takes place every April in Jacksonville, FL. All ages are welcome to enjoy this amazing event!

For the next few days, your Facebook and Instagram will be flooded with celebrities and fans having a great time.

The Music Line Up includes:

Here are a few things to look forward to:

Monster Energy will be keeping all fans fueled up and ready to rock by offering free sampling on their Monster Energy viewing deck.

Patrons over 21, will have the opportunity to sample this refreshing craft beer at a dedicated sampling bar during designated hours.

Eliminate the fuss of charging pads and wires. SWFTCharge provides a quick, portable and convenient phone-charging service for large-scale venues.


? Arrive early; traffic is expected to be slow.
? Please remember to bring cash to pay for parking. Prices may vary depending on whether you park in public parking or private parking
? Take a picture of where you park and landmarks near where you park to make it easier to locate your parking spot post event
? Use the Mathews Bridge or Hart Bridge to get here
? Uber pickup and drop off zone for these will be along Georgia Street between Duval and Adams Street.

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